The Nine Mistakes That Are 
Killing Your Sales 
if You're a Contractor.
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You're Going to Learn
what's going on in there?
"They'll never pay that much."  
"That's too high."
Is that what you tell yourself when you total up an estimate?  Learn what's going on in your mind that's causing you to bid too low...for no reason.
how to create more time
There are two things you're probably doing that is wasting a lot of your time.  Want to get 4-6 hours a week back?  Stop making these mistakes.
what you're not doing
You're probably missing out on some of the easiest profit in your business because of this mistake.  You'll probably kick yourself for not doing this ONE THING that could boost your profits with nearly zero effort.
We are finally making the money we deserve to be making. Learning how to sell to our clients has completely changed how our business functions and views prospective clients. Matthew and Katyana

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