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"My tank is full....I was hesitant to register, but there was something stirring inside me telling me I needed to.  I had the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).  I am so glad I made the was everything I expected and more.  I encourage you to sign up for the next training, you won't regret it."  Barry C.

"Just starting to think 'right to left' has been a huge lead domino...I'm starting to enjoy my job. I haven't enjoyed my job in a long time. I see things unfolding and I have hope now." Thomas A.

"This is a great resource... Total gold mine of information." Jay F.

We are finally making the money that we deserve to be making. Not only do our financials look better, but we are so much happier, motivated, and excited about the future of our business." Matt and Katyana

"Thank you for taking the time to make an in-depth course like this... it is awesome." Brad R.

"Thank you for all you do for the construction industry. We definitely wouldn't be growing if I hadn't joined." Rosalie F.
  •  I'm ready to uncover and solve the hidden mindset blocks and things in my blind spot that are holding me back.
  •  I'm ready to discover the real root causes of the problems I'm dealing with right now AND figure out how to solve them.
  •  I'm ready to move past the mundane day-to-day operations so I can focus on my big picture goals...why I started the business in the first place!
  •  I'm ready to learn strategies I can use to sell work at higher margins, and have the ideal backlog.
  •  I ready to have clarity on the critical few things I need to focus on to get to the next level.
  •  I want to have the tools I need to eliminate chaos, streamline operations and boost productivity in the field.
  •  I understand that this course will be transformative to my business and my family by taking advantage of the special offer listed below.
Work with Todd Dawalt and take your business 
to the next level.

Register now and you'll get in for only $549

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Here are some of the results you can expect from 
  •   In a nutshell: More time. More money. Less anxiety. Less frustration
  •  Clarity on the vision and direction for your business.
  •  More confidence and less stress and anxiety.
  •  Less chaos in your business, which will allow you to work ON your business instead of being stuck IN it.
  •  You will uncover the ways you are unconsciously sabotaging yourself and reverse them.
  •  You will have strategies and tools to help you beat anxiety and fear.
  •  You'll learn the secrets to delegation and communication, so you can get more doing less.
  •  You'll learn how to uncover the REAL root causes of the chaos in your business, and how to eliminate that chaos.
  •  You'll have the powerful tools to systematize your business and turn it into a well-oiled machine.
  •  You'll learn over a dozen strategies to boost your field crew they will make you more money.
  •  You'll know exactly how to build a healthy backlog of high margin work, which will give you freedom and peace of mind.
  •  You'll finally understand how to prevent, avoid and pre-empt competing on price.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Is Construction MBA an online course or live event?  It's 100% online so you don't have to travel....and you can either join the six live online training calls each week, or watch the replays when it works for your schedule.

What is the 10X Your Investment Guarantee? If you don't feel like you'll make at least 10X your registration fee back in the next 12 months, just let me know in the first 30 days and I'll issue you a full refund.

When does the course begin?  The first live training will be January 17th.

When does enrollment close? enrollment will close at 11PM on January 12th, 2019.  

Have a different question?  Email or call or text me at 859.667.2015.